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Education / Certification / Training (SMU Programmes / SGX Training)

The Securities Association of Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Singapore Management University (SMU) Financial IT Academy (FITA) to offer new and exciting training programs for you. 

These are integrated and concise courses for you to broaden your knowledge and upskill your professionalism in specialised IT roles. They are suitable for new and mid-career professionals, Singaporeans and PRs. Good news is these are eligible for 70% funding under CITREP II or IBF Standards Training Scheme, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria*. Register early to enjoy 10% early bird discount*. *Terms and conditions apply. Click here for more details or registration.

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Following are upcoming events / courses.

 Fin Mkts Opn  Tech RMS  Financial Markets Operation and Technology: Risk Management Systems [1 - 3 Jun 2016]

This course provides an introduction to Risk in financial markets covering the 5 areas of risk, classification of risk and the 4 stages in risk management. Participants will be taught to measure risk through the market risk and credit risk models. The course also covers an overview on the risk management systems and how to conceptually design such systems.


 Fin Mkts Opn  Tech pix  Financial Markets Operations and Technology [28 - 30 Jun 2016]

This course aims at familiarising participants with the various aspects of the financial markets and the key considerations in designing and deploying financial markets systems.


 Immersing DevOps 4 Cont Delvy  Immersing into DevOps for Continuous Delivery [15 - 17 Jun 2016 | 25 - 27 Jul 2016]  New!
This course covers the concept of continuous integration, continuous delivery, microservices, infrastructure as code monitoring and orchestration and how they are incorporated into DevOps functions. Learn and appreciate how DevOps is being implemented in various industries and glean insights into the practices and principles adopted. Industry relevant hands-on exercises and case studies are used to enhance the learning on implementation of DevOps services. 


thumb cash    Corporate Banking Operations and Technology: Cash Management [25 - 27 Jul 2016]

This course provides a deep-dive into the workflow and processes of the key Cash Management products such as payments, collections, liquidity management, foreign exchange and money markets. This also includes the messaging standards and the application arachitecture of how these products and services can be deployed.


 IT Risk 

IT Risk, Governance and Security [30 Jul & 6 Aug 2016]

Understanding various IT risks, threats and vulnerabilities that confront organisations today and the mitigation and governance disciplines that need to be incorporated to control and contain possible IT riska and security concerns.

This course is approved for listing on the Financial Training Scheme (FTS) Programme Directory and is eligible for 50% funding level of programme fees subject to all eligibility criteria being met. Applicable to company-sponsored employees from financial institutions only. For more information please visit www.ibf.org.sg


IBF Level 1   SMU Professional Certificate in Technology and Operations (IBF Lev 1) [16 Jul – 1 Oct 2016]
Comprising four core modules and a specific business segment (Commercial Banking, Retail Banking and Asset Management), these programmes aim to provide a strong foundation in IT competencies and also impart cross-functional knowledge of financial service operations. The programmes are first in Singapore to be accredited under IBF Standards for T&O.

 Dates of courses are subject to change. For updated information, please visit www.fita.smu.edu.sg 


Learning Investment the fun way through bite-size videos on SGX Academy


Intro Frame new 1


1(a) Market Basics

1a Market Basics 


1(b) Stock Market Basics

1b Stock Manket Basics


2(a) Business & Market Cycles 



2(b) What Moves the Market



2(c) Economic Indicators


<Coming soon>

3(a) Finding Value in Stocks

3a Finding Value in Stocks


3(b) Reading Financial Statements

3b Reading Finl Statemts


3(c) Financial Ratio Shortcuts

3c Financial Ratio Shortcuts


4(a) Basics of Market Timing

4a Basics of Mkt Timing


4(b) Identifying Market Trends

4b Identifying Mkt Trends


4(c) Support and Resistance

4c Support  Resistance


5(a) Capital Allocation

<Coming soon>


5(b) Position-sizing Strategies

<Coming soon>


5(c) Placing a Trade

<Coming soon>


6(a) Reading Annual Reports

6a Reading Annual Repts


6(b) Attending AGMs

6b Attending AGMs


6(c) Voting at AGMs


<Coming soon>









Comprising four core modules and a specific business segment (Commercial Banking, Retail Banking and Asset Management), these programmes aim to provide a strong foundation in IT competencies and also impart cross-functional knowledge of financial service operations. Programmes are first to be accredited under IBF Standards for T&O in Singapore.